Introduction - Technology meets nature.
Propagation - Starting a hydroponic garden from seeds and cuttings.
The Nutrient Solution - Choosing the right nutrients for your plants. Includes tips and detailed examples for calculating the best concentration.
Esoteric Hydroponics
Hydro Manual
Grow Lights - Hints and rules of thumb from experienced users. Also: the benefits of light movers.
Hydroponics - Explains the many types of hydroponic systems, their construction and best placement.
The Growing Environment - providing a stimulating atmosphere and avoiding common pests.
Growth Enhancers - accelerate plant growth. Includes an overview of a wide range of products. Visit, phone or EMail us for help or more details choosing a growth enhancer. Product Datasheets for products supplied by Esoteric Hydrponics. Included with permission. Literature - Further reading and information - Recommended books, magazines and videos for all levels of experience.

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