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Documents: Supplied By GrowthTech: Growing with OxyPlus - Instructions For Use

Ionic grow, bloom and boost.

Oxy-Plus contains 17.5% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

It is a chemical which is fundamental to life itself, participating in all the metabolic processes in plants and animals. When added to the nutrient tank it will quickly break down into pure water, releasing the extra oxygen atom into the solution where it can be taken up by the roots in much the same way as nutrient ions.

Seed Germination

To a Litre of lukewarm water add:

Stir thoroughly. Soak seeds in this solution for 24 hrs. before germinating in the usual way. Seeds treated in this way will germinate faster and produce more vigorous seedlings.

Cuttings (Clones)

Treating RockWool

Take an appropriate amount of lukewarm water. Adjust pH to 5.5. For each Litre add:

Allow RockWool cubes to soak in this solution until thoroughly saturated. Set aside to drain.

Take cuttings in the usual way.

Most species are propagated best from softwood tips. Selected material should show signs of healthy vigorous growth. Stems should be thick and firm and foliage should be dark green. We highly recommend Clonex Hormone Rooting Gel as the best product for root initiation.

Once all cuttings are in place, mist them thoroughly. For misting solution, to each Litre of lukewarm water add;

To encourage speedy root initiation on your cuttings, it is necessary to pay attention to the environment in which this is taking place......Cuttings need to be kept in a very humid environment and will benefit from frequent misting. Best way to ensure ideal rooting environment is to use a propagator with a heated base and a high clear plastic cover. Keep cover on for at least three days then begin to open vents. Mist regularly with Foliar solution as above

Hydroponic Systems

To each 10 Litres of Tank Volume add:

Stir thoroughly before circulating to plants. It will be best to mix the required amount of Oxy-Plus with a Litre of lukewarm water before adding to tank.

Oxy plus should be added to the tank, at the above ratio, two to three times a week to maintain optimum concentration in the tank. If it is convenient to add Oxy-Plus on a daily basis then it should be added at the rate of 5ml per 20 Litres of Tank volume.

Test strips cover the range of 10-100ppm. Optimum level in the tank is 30-50ppm. Test strips are available from your hydroponic retailer.


Oxy-Plus can be used to clean and sterilise your hydroponic system and growing medium. It is a powerful and very aggressive liquid and it will effectively kill all pathogens and harmful bacteria. After application it will rapidly break down to harmless substances and there is no risk of damage to future crops. For this reason Oxy-Plus is a much better material for sterilisation than Calcium Hypochlorite.

If you are using a medium such as Perlite or expanded clay you will need to remove as many of the old roots as possible. You can then soak the medium in a concentrated solution of Oxy-Plus. This will oxidise organic matter in the medium and assist in its rapid decomposition. Remember to flush medium with fresh water before re-use. You can also make up Oxy-Plus in the tank and circulate it around the system to sterilise all the pipework, drippers etc. Once again remember to flush the system thoroughly with fresh water, or wait a few days, before installing new plants.

For cleanup solution: to each 10 Litres of Tank Volume add:


Oxy-Plus is highly concentrated. The active ingredient is a volatile and aggressive chemical. Treat Oxy-Plus with great caution and handle with due care. Keep out of reach of children.

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